A stabilizing agent, binder, taste fixer and film coating agent in liquid form

Seal4Feed is produced by Arda Innovations and is registered as a complementary feed product.

Legante filmogeno per settore mangimistico

Arda Innovations

Arda Innovations supplies animal feed producers with high quality and technologically performing products. The aim is to make the feed production more profitable, improve animal welfare and safeguard the health of its production workers. Arda Innovations guarantees the quality of its products and other ingredients from the best companies in the sector.

Innovative products such as essential oils, probiotics, natural digestive enhancers and bioprotectors: acidifiers, anti-mold, emulsifiers and much more

Agente stabilizzante per Seal4Feed

The natural way

Founded in 2011, Arda Innovations has over thirty years of experience of its founding members and research institutes as well as specific university faculties in the animal nutrition sector.

Arda Innovations represents the ideal technological support for feed producers, follows their development, problems and searches for customized solutions, making use of their highly qualified internal team.

It has the patented know-how to facilitate the production of medicated feeds with Mass Spin Coater technology (post pelleting technique) avoiding cross contamination and overdosing of additives.

The company is able to provide a wide range of technological and zootechnical additives aimed at providing the best solutions for the production of high-quality feed for different animal species: cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens and aqua feed.

Primarily active in the feed sector, Arda Innovations has technologies and products that are also suitable for food, chemical and cosmetic companies.


What is Seal4Feed?

Classified as a raw material and used in the animal feed production sector, Seal4Feed is a stabilizing, binding, appetizing and filming agent, produced with natural ingredients such as starches (non-GMO), Arabic gum and vitamins.

Seal4Feed is a formulation of natural ingredients that is used in liquid form to facilitate and improve the production of pelleted or extruded feed, reducing production costs.

How to use Seal4Feed?

Seal4feed can be mixed with other liquids such as molasses, oil, fat and sprayed directly into the mixer or used on the finished pellet as a filming and binding agent for post pellet addition of powdered additives.

What are the recommended doses?

The amount varies depending on the purpose for which it is used: Seal4Feed has no contraindications and can be administered to all species of livestock and pets.

Why is Seal4Feed used?

Added directly into the mixer or used directly on the finished pellet, Seal4Feed has numerous advantages.

It is in fact used to improve the production, the quality of the feed and its shelf life.

Thanks to its formula, it forms a ‘crystallization` on the coated pellet and consequently protects the free water inside the product, avoiding the appearance of mold and bacteria while also increasing the palatability of the feed.

Used as a filming and binding agent, it guarantees a release of nutrients and additives over time, increases the fluidity of pelleted or crumbled products that contain high amounts of fat.

Using Seal4Feed can also prevent disintegration and the formation of dust during transport and can also reduce production costs.

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